Javier Darsie

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Modern robotics systems rely on distributed event-based frameworks to facilitate the assembly of software out of collections of reusable components. These frameworks express component dependencies in data that encode event publish-subscribe relations. This loosely coupled architecture makes it difficult for developers to understand the dependencies and to(More)
Software properties define how software systems should operate. Specifying correct properties, however, can be difficult and expensive as it requires deep knowledge of the system's expected behavior and the environment in which it operates. Automated analysis techniques to infer properties from code or code executions can mitigate that cost, but are still(More)
Transitioning from a simulation environment to real flight can be costly for MAV system and algorithm designers as they wrestle with the challenges and unpredictability of the real world. This transition often involves problems that can result in hardware damage or possibly injury. We have developed a system that cost-effectively addresses these problems.(More)
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