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Armstrong’s Hidden Substantialism
Defending Realism: Ontological and Epistemological Investigations
The essays collected in this volume explore the fundamental issues of philosophical realism, including metaphysical realism: Do things exist and have properties independently of being objects ofExpand
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“In One”: The Bearer Issue and the Principles of Exemplification
Traditionally, the so-called exemplification or the relation between the particular and the universal has been one of the three central problems making up the classical problem of universals: (1)Expand
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Exemplification as molecular function
Since the publication of Universals and Scientific Realism (Armstrong 1978a, b) until Sketch for a Systematic Metaphysics (Armstrong 2010), via Universals: An Opinionated Introduction (ArmstrongExpand
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Teoría de las categorías basada en el principio de conocimiento directo: Crítica del Neutralismo Metafísico de Jorge J. E. Gracia
In the Platonic-Aristotelian tradition, the problem of categories looms large. Plato’s Supreme Genera and Forms were attacked first by Aristotle and later by his medieval followers. These attacksExpand
Studies in the ontology of Reinhardt Grossmann
Reinhardt Grossmann is one of the most sophisticated, knowledgeable and original contemporary metaphysicians. Although he was a student of Bergmann, he influenced the development of Bergmann'sExpand
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The Nature of Ordinary Objects