Javier Coto Martinez

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We have analyzed the existence of obligatory steps in the folding reaction of the alpha-spectrin SH3 domain by mutating Asp 48 (D48G), which is at position i+3 of an isolated two-residue type II' beta-turn. Calorimetry and X-ray analysis show an entropic stabilizing effect resulting from local changes at the dihedral angles of the beta-turn. Kinetic(More)
In some cases, small globular domains can maintain their native three-dimensional structure when separated from the rest of the protein. But due to the small size of such domains and low heat effect accompanying their cooperative structure unfolding, this transition occurs in a very broad temperature range. It is shown that for such broad processes an(More)
The temperature dependences of the unfolding-refolding reaction of a shorter version of the alpha-spectrin SH3 domain (PWT) used as a reference and of two circular permutants (with different poly-Gly loop lengths at the newly created fused loop) have been measured by differential scanning microcalorimetry and stopped-flow kinetics, to characterize the(More)
The unfolding thermodynamics of the circular enterocin protein AS-48, produced by Enterococcus faecalis, has been characterized by differential scanning calorimetry. The native structure of the 70-residue protein is extremely thermally stable. Thus, at pH 2.5 and low ionic strength thermal denaturation occurs under equilibrium at 102 degrees C, while the(More)
We have studied the effects produced by site-directed mutagenesis upon energetic and structural cooperativity in the Src homology region 3 domain of alpha-spectrin. The mutation of Asn47 to Gly or Ala in the distal loop brings about significant changes to the global stability of the domain in spite of not affecting its structure to any great extent. The(More)
Thermodynamic characterization of the activation domain of human procarboxypeptidase A2, ADA2h, and its helix-engineered mutants was carried out by differential scanning calorimetry. The mutants were engineered by changing residues in the exposed face of the two alpha helices in order to increase their stability. At neutral and alkaline pH the three(More)
We have designed a chimeric protein by connecting a circular permutant of the alpha-spectrin SH3 domain to the proline-rich decapeptide APSYSPPPPP with a three-residue link. Our aim was to obtain a single-chain protein with a tertiary fold that would mimic the binding between SH3 domains and proline-rich peptides. A comparison of the circular-dichroism and(More)
We study liquidity e¤ects and cost channels within a model of nominal rigidities and imperfect competition that gives explicit role for money-credit markets and investment decisions. We …nd that cost channels matter for monetary transmission, amplifying the impact of supply shocks and dampening the e¤ects of demand shocks. Liquidity e¤ects only obtain when(More)
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