Javier Chamizo

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There is an increasing need of defining standards at the beginning of any engineering project. The correct specification of standards has become essential in software development in order to handle correctly the development of projects. Nowadays the need to define standards at the outset of any engineering project is more evident than ever. The(More)
Security and privacy assurance is indispensable for ubiquitous access to information and resources. This paper focuses on the security and privacy provisions in a restricted organizational environment through access control mechanism. It includes the representation of the semantics of an organization and its access control mechanism exploiting the Web(More)
Service industry is a major constituent of developed economies. Providing services is a knowledge-intensive, customer-specific, on-demand business. In the business information systems domain, service-oriented architectures (SOA) and Web services (WS), as an emerging approach to moving services into the computing world, are two of the most discussed topics(More)
A number of popular access control languages for Web resources are emerging as a consequence of the need for information security and privacy in the current Web. This paper focuses on the access control and privacy issues requirements to present a declarative logical framework where privileges are granted to users based on inference.
Business process management (BPM) is the management of IT-supported business operations from a business expert's process view rather than from a technical perspective. The application of SW technologies to BPM has gained interest in both the academic and corporate sector. The most significant issue facing BPM is the integration of business processes in a(More)
Presently, not only a large amount of information resources are available on the Web, but also a complete lattice of dynamic applications, namely, software components and Web Services. Hence, an increasing demand of a proper model and architecture for composition of software components has triggered a huge amount of integration efforts. However, most of(More)
In this article we present GODO, a search engine which uses NLP and mapping techniques to orchestrate and achieve goals by means of web services. Como objetivo principal del proyecto GO-DO, se persigue desarrollar una infraestruc-tura semántica basada en una aplicación de técnicas de análisis de lenguaje natural y ontologías, de manera que pueda ofrecerse(More)