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We present a protocol to estimate the solvent-induced broadening of electronic spectra based on a model that explicitly takes into account the environment embedding the solute. Starting from a classical approximation of the solvent contribution to the spectrum, the broadening arises from the spread of the excitation energies due to the fluctuation of the(More)
The clinical use of platinum(II)-based drugs incurs serious side effects due to the non-specific reactions with both malignant and normal cells. To circumvent such major drawback, novel metallodrugs might be combined with suitable carrier molecules, as antibodies, to ensure selective attacks on tumors while sparing healthy tissues. In this contribution, we(More)
DNA is constantly exposed to exogenous agents that randomly damage the genetic code. However, external perturbations might also be used to induce malignant cell death if the mutation processes are controlled. The present communication reports a set of parameters allowing DNA mutation through the use of intense external electric fields. This is a step(More)
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