Javier Carrasco Arias

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OBJECTIVE To determine the prevalence and type of Yq microdeletions in 86 consecutive men that fathered 99 sons by intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) and to determine the incidence of vertical transmission and de novo deletions in these boys. DESIGN Prospective clinical observational study. SETTING Genetics laboratory associated with a university(More)
PURPOSE This report documents our experience over the previous 15 years using free vascularized fibular flaps for comprehensive reconstruction of large defects in the mandible, after combined resections of aggressive, malignant odontogenic tumors or for post-traumatic defects. PATIENTS AND METHODS Charts were reviewed retrospectively for 117 consecutive(More)
Intraosseous hemangioma, especially in the zygomatic area, is a very rare pathologic condition among the osseous tumors of the head and neck area. Clinical presentation includes a painless mass with progressive growth and hard consistence. Diagnosis is performed by means of computed tomography (CT). Treatment includes radical en bloc surgical excision with(More)
Although nipple-areola tattooing is now a well-accepted step in breast reconstruction, little is known about its long-term effectiveness. A retrospective study of our 6-year experience in tattooing 151 patients was thus carried out. Patients were surveyed regarding color match, satisfaction, and complications. Follow-up ranged from 1 to 75 months (mean,(More)
BACKGROUND Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) formation is a critical factor in processes involving ischaemia/ reperfusion. However, the precise mechanism by which reactive oxygen species (ROS) induce vascular damage are insufficiently known. Specifically, activation of phospholipase C gamma (PLCgamma) is a probable candidate pathway involved in vascular smooth(More)
PURPOSE The reconstructive surgeon has been searching for an ideal material to use in the reconstruction of craniofacial deformities. Although bone graft presents most of the ideal properties, its limited availability and donor-site morbidity makes its use compromised in some patients, especially in pediatric patients. In the search of this ideal material,(More)
PURPOSE Total or subtotal glossectomy following the resection of intraoral tumors causes significant morbidity. However, which reconstructive technique is the most successful remains controversial. PATIENTS AND METHODS After approval by the Ethics Committee, charts were reviewed retrospectively for patients treated at the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery(More)
Isocyanide ligands bearing an azo group and one alkoxy chain OC(n)H(2n+1) have been synthesized. They are calamitic liquid crystals for n > 4 and display nematic (n = 8, 12) and SmA (n = 12) mesophases. Their gold(I) compounds [AuX(CNR)] (X = Cl, C(6)F(5); R = C(6)H(4)N horizontal lineNC(6)H(4)OC(n)H(2n+1), n = 4, 8, 12) have been obtained by displacement(More)
A crown ether isocyanide CNR (R = benzo-15-crown-5) has been synthesized by dehydration of the corresponding formamide. Substitution reactions with the appropriate gold(I) precursors afford the luminescent mononuclear derivatives [AuX(CNR)] (X = Cl, C 6F 5, Br, I), [Au(C 6F 4OCH 2C 6H 4OC nH 2 n+1 - p)(CNR)] ( n = 4, 8, 10, 12), and [Au(C 6F 4OCH 2C 6H(More)