Javier Boned

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This paper describes the first isolations of African horse sickness virus (AHSV) from insects in Spain. Seven isolations of AHSV serotype 4 were made; four from Culicoides imicola a known vector of the virus elsewhere, two from mixed pools of Culicoides species not including C. imicola and one from blood engorged mosquitoes. Three further isolations of AHSV(More)
A total of 256 sera collected from three species of domesticated equidae in four different Spanish provinces were examined 1-4 months after the administration of attenuated monovalent African horse sickness virus (AHSV) serotype 4 vaccine. Approximately 10% of the sera were negative by ELISA, virus neutralization, agar gel immuno-diffusion and complement(More)
This work was conducted to study the distribution of methyl isothiocyanate (MITC) in greenhouse soils treated with the fumigant dazomet (DZ) from the formulated product "Basamid Granular(®)", but also of 1,3-dichloropropene (1,3-D) and chloropicrin (CP) from the fumigant "Agrocelhone NE(®)". In order to achieve this aim, several methods for the(More)
In the search for new non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs with low ulcerogenic activity, phthalidyl and pivaloyloxymethyl esters of anilinonicotinic and N-phenylanthranilic acids were synthesized. One of them, the 3-phthalidyl ester of 2-([3-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]amino)-3-pyridinecarboxylic acid, also named talniflumate, showed lower ulcerogenic activity(More)
Spontaneous rupture of the spleen secondary to infectious mononucleosis frequently proves to be an urgent surgical decision: splenectomy during a exploratory laparotomy. Few cases have been described where diagnosis was made by means of an abdominal ultrasound and those followed-up and treated conservatively, are most exceptional. A case of rupture of(More)
The FeEDDHA [iron(3+) ethylenediamine di(o-hydroxyphenylacetic) acid] is one of the most efficient iron chelates employed in the correction of iron clorosis in calcareous soils. FeEDDHA presents different positional isomers: the ortho-ortho (o,o), the ortho-para (o,p), and the para-para (p,p). Of these isomers, the p,p cannot chelate Fe in soil solution in(More)
The use of ELISA for the detection of African horse sickness viruses (AHSV) in midges preserved in 5.0% formalin was evaluated. No differences were detected by ELISA when testing AHSV infected batches of Culicoides midges collected in diluent with or without the addition of formalin. The ELISA was considered highly sensitive and easily distinguished between(More)
Shape grammars are a powerful and appealing formalism for automatic shape generation in computer-based design systems. This paper presents a proposal complementing the generative power of shape grammars with reinforcement learning techniques. We use simple (naive) shape grammars capable of generating a large variety of different designs. In order to(More)
A new case of pulmonary torsion is reported. Only 15 cases of this rare entity have been published in the literature, all of them either surgically treated short term or resulting in death. Small right-side pneumothorax following diagnostic transthoracic puncture seemed to be the mechanism of production. Because of the absence of acute clinical(More)