Javier Bonatti

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The aim of this work is an approach using multisource remote sensing techniques to study and to evaluate the natural and cultural heritage within the framework of a global research in the Mesoamerican Corridor. Remote sensing, as a non-destructive technique, enable the measurement of spectral anomalies and biophysical parameters which may be indicative of(More)
REDD+ implementation requires robust, consistent, accurate and transparent national land cover historical data and monitoring systems. Satellite imagery is the only data source with enough periodicity to provide consistent land cover information in a cost-effective way. The main aim of this paper is the creation of an operational framework for monitoring(More)
The aim of this work is an approach using multisensor remote sensing techniques to recognize the potential remains and recreate the original landscape of three archaeological sites. We investigate the spectral characteristics of the reflectance parameter and emissivity in the pattern recognition of archaeological materials in several hyperspectral scenes of(More)
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