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OBJECTIVES To date, this is the largest prospective series in patients with malignant colorectal obstruction to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of colonic self-expanding metal stents (SEMSs) as an alternative to emergency surgery. SEMSs allow restoration of bowel transit and careful tumor staging in preparation for elective surgery, hence avoiding the(More)
BACKGROUND Emergency surgery for malignant colon obstruction entails relatively high morbidity and mortality rates and typically necessitates a 2-step resection. These problems might be potentially mitigated by placement of a self-expanding metal stent (SEMS) as a bridge to surgery. A nitinol colorectal SEMS may offer several advantages, but available(More)
BACKGROUND To assess the prevalence of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection in a general population and to identify risk factors for acquiring infection. POBLATION AND METHODS: A cross section of the general urban population of La Rioja aged between 14 and 65, was studied by choosing a random sample (n = 890). Serum samples were screened for HCV antibodies by(More)
Hydrophilic copolymers with high refractive index and bactericide properties based on quaternary ammonium salts monomers and methacrylates bearing benzothiazole moieties have been developed for application as foldable intraocular lenses. Composition of the systems was adjusted to get materials with optimized flexibility, wettability, and refractive(More)
User Experience Theory (UXT) provides us with criteria for designing products and technical systems for everyday activities (playing, learning, working,…) so as to satisfy users. Living Labs (LL), are plateforms used for the design and evaluation of technical systems. As such, they constitute tools that bring to this process some constraints., However these(More)
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