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—Current spaceborne radiometers do not achieve the required spatial resolution demanded by the scientific community due to antenna-size technological limitations. In recent years, several space agencies have been studying aperture synthesis interferometric radiometers as a way of overcoming these limitations , which are more evident at low microwave(More)
(a) (b) Fig. 3. (a) Observation of " 00 change of ice slab on duraluminum mold at 13. the other hand, quick freezing may produce a specific distribution of salt concentration in ice volume. However, the main result of the measurements, as it follows from Figs. 2 and 3, is the hysteresis of " 00 in the case of slow-cycle temperature change for many days. Our(More)
—The correlation between the visibility samples' noise of an aperture synthesis radiometer are required for the computation of the recovered temperature noise of a given pixel and of the improvement introduced by baseline redundance. A general expression for this correlation and noise examples for a linear array are presented.
To estimate the probability distributions of power fades, we consider two basic types of disturbance in electromagnetic wave propagation through atmospheric turbulence: wave-front intensity fluctuations and wave-front distortion. We assess the reduction in the cumulative probability of losses caused by these two effects through spatial diversity by using a(More)
— In Earth observation programs there is a need of passive low frequency (L-band) measurements to monitor soil moisture and ocean salinity with high spatial resolution 10–20 Km, a radiometric resolution of 1K and a revisit time of 1–3 days [1]. Compared to total power radiometers aperture synthesis interferometric radiometers are technologically attractive(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Sentinel node (SN) biopsy represents an alternative to full lymph node dissection in the surgical treatment of several malignant tumors. PATIENTS AND METHOD Prospective study of 32 consecutive patients with clinically node-negative oral cancer comparing SN biopsy results with standard neck dissection. RESULTS An effective SN(More)
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