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Perturbations of the yeast cell wall trigger a repair mechanism that reconfigures its molecular structure to preserve cell integrity. To investigate this mechanism, we compared the global gene expression in five mutant strains, each bearing a mutation (i.e. fks1, kre6, mnn9, gas1, and knr4 mutants) that affects in a different manner the cell wall(More)
  • Enrico Ragni, Heidi Piberger, Christine Neupert, Jesús García-Cantalejo, Laura Popolo, Javier Arroyo +2 others
  • 2011
BACKGROUND Mannoproteins construct the outer cover of the fungal cell wall. The covalently linked cell wall protein Ccw12p is an abundant mannoprotein. It is considered as crucial structural cell wall component since in baker's yeast the lack of CCW12 results in severe cell wall damage and reduced mating efficiency. RESULTS In order to explore the(More)
Using a hierarchical approach, 620 non-essential single-gene yeast deletants generated by EUROFAN I were systematically screened for cell-wall-related phenotypes. By analyzing for altered sensitivity to the presence of Calcofluor white or SDS in the growth medium, altered sensitivity to sonication, or abnormal morphology, 145 (23%) mutants showing at least(More)
Interval-valued data offer a valuable way of representing the available information in complex problems where uncertainty, inaccuracy or variability must be taken into account. In addition, the combination of Interval Analysis with soft-computing methods, such as neural networks, have shown their potential to satisfy the requirements of the decision support(More)
* We thank the referees and the editors for useful and constructive comments. González-Rivera acknowledges the financial support provided by the University Scholar Award. Má te acknowledges the financial support provided by the project "Forecasting models from symbolic data (PRESIM)" from Universidad Pontificia Comillas. ABSTRACT Data sets across many(More)
BACKGROUND The yeast cell wall integrity mitogen-activated protein kinase (CWI-MAPK) pathway is the main regulator of adaptation responses to cell wall stress in yeast. Here, we adopt a genomic approach to shed light on two aspects that are only partially understood, namely, the characterization of the gene functional catalog associated with CWI pathway(More)
Object-oriented software design requires a combination of abilities that can not be easily transferred to the students in lecture sessions. Based on our experience, this paper details how to increase student comprehension of design patterns through a project-based approach that consists in the development of a family of abstract strategy games in an(More)
A general question that often appears when working with agent-based modelling and simulation for social systems is whether it is possible to make predictions with some degree of confidence. Although many consider that agent-based models are not meant for prediction, some claim that they are mature enough to be able to predict outcomes of social processes,(More)