Javier Aranceta

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Dietary fat and its effects on health and disease has attracted interest for research and Public Health. Since the 1980s many bodies and organizations have published recommendations regarding fat intake. In this paper different sets of recommendations are analyzed following a systematic review process to examine dietary reference intakes, nutritional goals(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe vitamin intakes in Spanish food patterns, identify groups at risk for inadequacy and determine conditioning factors that may influence this situation. DESIGN Pooled-analysis of eight cross-sectional regional nutrition surveys. SUBJECTS Ten thousand two hundred and eight free-living subjects (4728 men, 5480 women) aged 25-60 years.(More)
OBJECTIVE To review and analyse criteria for vitamin supplementation and fortification in Spain. DESIGN Systematic review of scientific literature and simulation analysis of food fortification. METHODS A simulation analysis using a fortified beverage was performed in a random sample of 2855 children aged 2 to 24 years in Spain. RESULTS High-risk(More)
In countries of the Mediterranean region, nuts have been consumed in moderate quantities since ancient times. Epidemiological studies show lower risk of cardiovascular diseases in populations with frequent nut consumption, independent from other dietary components. This article assesses nut consumption in Spain and other countries using different sources of(More)
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