Javier Alfredo Voos

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The use of computer navigation in ACL reconstruction was first established in the mid- 1990s. Initial applications of this new technology focused on improving the accuracy and repeatability of tunnel placement. More recent indications focus on intraoperative assessment of knee ligament dynamic laxity measurements. Computer navigation has been used(More)
INTRODUCTION Aphasia tests validated according to the brain injury side are necessary, especially for Spanish instruments. OBJECTIVES To study the concurrent validity of this Brief Aphasia Evaluation (BAE) to differentiate patients with left cerebral lesions (LC) from patients with right cerebral lesions (RC) as well as LC from healthy participants (HP).(More)
The Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) is recognized as a valid screening for dementia. It consists of 29 verbal items from a total of 30. The Brief Aphasia Evaluation (BAE) includes 10 aphasia and 12 orientation items, which are similar to most of the MMSE items. It was studied whether those BAE items (MMSE-like): (a) correlate with the rest of the BAE(More)
Due the availability of new data transmission technologies and new standards for medical studies development, e-health systems have had a sustained adoption in recent years. In this scenario, the health systems are incorporating and increasing the health services offering in response to their needs. This paper presents a system able to transmit medical(More)
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