Javier Albusac

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Advanced Surveillance Systems are able to automatically understand events and behaviors. These systems carry out an exhaustive analysis from multi-sensor information, according to multiple aspects or events of interest in order to classify situations as normal or abnormal. Thus, developing appropriate methods in order to combine the information from several(More)
Surveillance systems are being more and more important in a wide variety of environments. In order to obtain better results when analyzing an environment, advanced techniques based on Artificial Intel­ ligence that go beyond segmentation, tracking, and pattern matching are being used. That is, a knowledge layer is needed for improving surveil­ lance. This(More)
Graphic Design is the process of creating graphics to meet specific commercial needs based on knowledge of layout principles and esthetic concepts. This is usually an iterative trial and error process which requires a lot of time even for expert designers. This expert knowledge can be modelled, represented and used by a computer to perform design(More)
Intelligent surveillance refers to using Artificial Intelligence techniques in order to improve surveillance and deal with semantic information obtained from low-level security devices. In this context, the use of expert knowledge may offer a more realistic solution when dealing with the design of a surveillance system. In this work, a conceptual framework(More)