Javier A. Muñoz

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This paper presents a three-phase unified powerquality conditioner based on current source converters (CSC-UPQC), including the design guidelines of the key components, an appropriate control scheme, and a selection procedure of the dc current level. Particularly, the ridethrough capability criterion is used to define a minimum dc current level so that the(More)
An asymmetric inverter features different dc-link voltages for each power cell and depending on the dc voltage ratios, there are binary, trinary, etc., asymmetric topologies. In particular, the trinary one can provide a waveform with 3n levels, where n is the number of cells connected in cascade. Hence, for n = 3, an output voltage with 27 levels can be(More)
Digital signal processors (DSPs) and field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) are predominant in the implementation of digital controllers and/or modulators for power converter applications. This paper presents a systematic comparison between these two technologies, depicting the main advantages and drawbacks of each one. Key programming and implementation(More)
Modular current source converters (MCSCs) have been proposed as an alternative method for increasing the power range of medium voltage PWM AC drives. MCSCs are built by stacking parallel current source converters. Two advantages that make MCSCs attractive are: (a) extended current/voltage ratings beyond the device ratings and (b) simplicity in balancing the(More)
Interharmonics exist in the ac supply currents in ac/dc/ac drives mainly due to the poor decoupled behavior of the dc-link stage. This issue is particularly evident when different input/output operating frequencies are used, causing harmful effects on power transformers and reducing the system efficiency and power quality. Consequently, large interharmonics(More)
Recent Advances and Industrial Applications of Multilevel Converters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . S. Kouro, M. Malinowski, K. Gopakumar, J. Pou, L. G. Franquelo, B. Wu, J. Rodriguez, M. A. Pérez, and J. I. Leon 2553 Medium-Voltage Multilevel ConvertersVState of the Art, Challenges, and Requirements in Industrial(More)
 Abstract—. The use of power converters has considerably grown up, in part, because refined control strategies have been recently proposed, including nonlinear schemes such as predictive control. This approach is used in this work considering a variable grid frequency environment in order to get an appropriate response for a wide ac mains frequency range.(More)