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In the enanti-omerically pure title compound, C(15)H(15)NO(6), the five-membered ring displays a twist conformation with the local axis through the N atom. The acetyl groups are perpendicular to the ring [dihedral angles 80.3 (1) and 89.3 (1)°] and project to opposite sides. The packing is governed by two weak C-H⋯O inter-actions, forming layers of(More)
We report the rational design of novel neurotensin mimetics through use of the Multiple Template Approach. This approach is based on our notion that a flexible peptide can be replaced by a partially flexible molecule, identified through testing a comparatively small number of molecules possessing a different intrinsic availability of conformations of the(More)
The concept of template-assembled synthetic proteins (TASP) describes a central scaffold that predefines the three dimensional structure for diverse molecules linked to this platform. Cyclic β-tripeptides are interesting candidates for use as templates due to their conformationally defined structure, stability to enzymatic degradation, and ability to form(More)
In the enanti-omerically pure title compound, C(11)H(19)N(3)O(3)S, the chain C-N-C(O)-O-C-C (from the asymmetric carbon to a methyl of the tert-butyl group) displays an extended conformation. In the crystal, mol-ecules are linked into chains parallel to the c axis by classical N-H⋯O(diazo-carbon-yl) hydrogen bonding and an unusual inter-molecular(More)
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