Javid Ullah

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This paper addresses the problem of activity localization and recognition in large scale video datasets by the collaborative use of holistic and motion based information (called motion cues). The concept of salient objects is used to obtain the holistic information while the motion cues are obtained by affine motion model and optical flow. The motion cues(More)
A study was carried out to evaluate the effect of various concentrations of non nutritive sweeteners individually and in combination along with chemical preservatives i.e. potassium metabisulphite (PMS) and potassium sorbate (PS) and anti-oxidants including citric acid (CA) and ascorbic acid (AA) on microbial and sensory characteristics of dehydrated guava(More)
The segmentation of moving objects become challenging when the object motion is small, the shape of object changes, and there is global background motion in unconstrained videos. In this paper, we propose a fully automatic, efficient, fast and composite framework to segment the moving object on the basis of saliency, locality, color and motion cues. First,(More)
This research was carried out to investigate the effect of sugar concentrations, chemical preservatives, and refrigeration temperature (4-10C) on the physicochemical and sensory attributes of strawberry juice stored for one year. The samples were numbered as, TR24=Strawberry juice (7.5brix) no preservatives (control), TR25=Strawberry juice (7.5brix) with(More)
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