Javid Riffat

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This study was designed to discriminate, according to their accuracy, between eight pulse oximeters (PO) using a realistic evaluation performed by means of a moderate exercise to provide artefacts and thus represent a typical clinical situation. Accuracy was assessed by calculating error on saturation (EOS) as the difference between simultaneous measurement(More)
Power Electronic Transformer (PET) has been the focus of interest for many years. The PET opens up the possibility to replace bulky low-frequency transformers, and has more functions and better performance. In this paper, the model and the control strategy of a three-phase three-stage PET are analyzed, and its average model is derived to increase the(More)
The purpose of this study was to consider which characteristics are related to a high velocity in water during swimming. The study was performed on 13 of the best competition swimmers of the region of Lyon (France). The collected data were: $$\dot V_{O_2 } $$ max, measured during leg-work ( $$\dot V_{O_2 } $$ max LW), during arm-work ( $$\dot V_{O_2 } $$(More)
Pulmonary arterio-venous shunts represent a rare cause of hypoxia in cirrhosis. We present two cases, the first was an alcoholic cirrhotic with anthracosilicosis. This patient rapidly developed a picture of significant hypoxaemia with a raised alveolar-arterial oxygen gradient. The presence of this shunt was confirmed by a scintigraphic analysis. A(More)
Busulfan-induced diffuse interstitial pneumonia is a rare but serious disease attributed to a direct toxic effect of busulfan (an alkylating antimitotic drug) on alveolar cells. We report three new cases explored by repeated bronchoalveolar lavages and lung biopsies. All patients had circulating immune complexes, abnormalities at capillaroscopy and above(More)
A 44-year old female farmer and pigeon-breeder presented with paroxysmal attacks of dyspnoea caused by recurrent subglottic laryngeal oedema. The symptoms disappeared under corticosteroid therapy but returned after discharge from hospital. The avian origin of the disease, suggested by a strongly positive search for avian precipitins, was confirmed when the(More)
Vasospasm of RP is thought to occur in the lungs. To assess pulmonary vasospasm, we analyzed the early and late Dsb variations after a digital CPT. Sixteen normal volunteers and 20 patients (7 with primary, 13 with secondary RP) were included. A clinical RP was conducted on ten patients, nine with secondary and one with primary RP. The Dsb analysis showed:(More)
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