Javid Jouzdani

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Wheeled mobile robots are considered as the most widely used class of mobile robots. This is due to their fast maneuvering, simple controllers, and energy saving characteristics. Two new algorithms for tracking control of these robots are presented in this paper: an adaptive controller and a nonlinear controller. Here, the two algorithms are compared with(More)
Wheeled Mobile Robots are considered as the most widely used class of Mobile Robots. This is due to their fast manoeuvring, simple control methods and energy saving characteristics. A new fuzzy algorithm for path planning of multiple wheeled mobile robots is presented in this paper which is optimal both in sense of travelling time and distance. A new method(More)
The location-routing problem (LRP), which integrates location and routing decisions, has been an attraction to both researchers and practitioners. LRP as an important business problem has its own inherent uncertainty; especially, considering phenomena such as traffic congestion and weather conditions and their impact on transportation costs, routing in LRP(More)
This paper presents a generalized reinforcement learning methodology for tuning fuzzy logic controllers with nonlinear dynamic behaviors. To this aim, the Generalized Approximate Reasoning-Based Intelligent Controller (GARIC) model in [3] is modified to handle vagueness in control states. The proposed architecture has a self-tuning capability even when only(More)
Mobile Robots are considered as the most widely used class of robots and in this research area, obstacle avoidance and environment learning are among the most important fields. In this paper, a method for mobile robot learning and avoiding fuzzy obstacles in an unknown environment is proposed, assuming that the movement of the robot in the environment is a(More)
One of the most important steps in designing a cellular manufacturing system is cell formation which includes grouping the machines in cells and the parts as part families, so that the costs are minimized. Several aspects of the problem should be taken into account in cell formation; more specifically, machines and their reliability are among the most(More)
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