Javid Habibi

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Security of embedded devices today is a critical requirement for the Internet of Things (IoT) as these devices will access sensitive in­ formation such as social security numbers and health records. This makes these devices a lucrative target for attacks exploiting vulnerabilities to inject malicious code or reuse existing code to alter the execution of(More)
Code-reuse attacks, such as return-oriented programming (ROP), are a class of buffer overflow attacks that repurpose existing executable code towards malicious purposes. These attacks bypass defenses against code injection attacks by chaining together sequence of instructions, commonly known as gadgets, to execute the desired attack logic. A common feature(More)
An important task for a mobile robot is to determine its location in the environment. This task is called positioning. In this paper we represent two algorithm for positioning in a noisy environment. The rst one is for special use in simulation soccerserver 1] environment, while the second which is an extension of the method described in 3], is appropriate(More)
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