Javed H. Khan

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Sarcoidosis is believed to be rare in Saudi Arabia. We report twenty cases of sarcoidosis among native Saudis followed-up at our tertiary care centre. The majority (55%) of these patients were referred as either tuberculosis or lymphoma. Twelve out of twenty patients had been or were being treated for pulmonary tuberculosis at the time of presentation. The(More)
Based on the clinical impression of a relatively high number of non smoking women with COPD at a tertiary care facility in Saudi Arabia, we performed a case-control study to reveal possible risk factors. Our hypothesis was that the extensive use of incense burners among Saudis was a risk factor of COPD. Fifty consecutive patients with COPD and 71 healthy(More)
The Saudi Thoracic Society (STS) launched the Saudi Initiative for Chronic Airway Diseases (SICAD) to develop a guideline for the diagnosis and management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). This guideline is primarily aimed for internists and general practitioners. Though there is scanty epidemiological data related to COPD, the SICAD panel(More)
Twenty-two patients with mediastinal tuberculosis were reviewed. The most common symptoms were chest pain, cough, fever, and weight loss. Results of the physical examination were unremarkable. The chest radiographs of all 22 patients showed abnormal mediastinum with no evidence of extramediastinal disease. Most (62%) had right-sided paratracheal(More)
Between January 1980 and December 1990, 75 (57.3%) of 131 patients with metastatic gestational trophoblastic tumor had pulmonary metastases detected on plain chest roentgenography at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre. Pulmonary involvement was commonly extensive, with 32 (42.7%) patients having > 10 pulmonary metastases and 45 (60%)(More)
The value of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in the evaluation of vascular abnormalities in the chest is well established. To our knowledge, however, MRI in Castleman's disease of the chest had not been reported previously. We present a case of Castleman's disease of hyaline vascular type involving the pulmonary hilum where MRI was equal to computed(More)
Lipid pneumonia has been observed in infants exposed by inhalation of oil or butter applied into the nose or throat as part of an old custom. We performed a case-control study to test the hypothesis, that this ancient tradition may be a predisposing factor to bronchiectasis. A case group of 59 patients with bronchiectasis and three control groups — 46(More)
Patients with sleep apnea syndrome (SAS) suffer considerable morbidity and increased mortality. The most common symptoms of SAS include excessive daytime sleepiness, nocturnal breath cessation, snoring and gasping sounds. We reviewed the characteristics of 20 Saudi patients with sleep apnea (15 males, five females) who were studied at our tertiary care(More)
Pregnancy in pulmonary hypertension (PH) is known to be associated with high morbidity and mortality. The physiological changes occur during normal pregnancy, such as increase blood volume and cardiac output (CO) may be detrimental in PH patients. Several practice guidelines advise against pregnancy and even recommend termination of pregnancy. Occasionally(More)