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Seventeen adult subjects participated in a multicentre trial to compare the performance between an NRT-based MAP and their behavioural MAP. The NRT-based MAP was made using a correction factor to predict T/C levels, calculated from the difference between the ECAP threshold ('T-NRT') and the measured T/C levels at electrode 10, as described by Brown et al.(More)
The use of composite sandwich panels has increased in the aerospace industry. Prediction of a theoretical composite construction's flexural properties is important for efficient composite product designs. Utilizing the four point flexure geometry defined by Zodiac Aerospace, Santa Maria, CA, a mechanical model was derived to predict the flexural behavior of(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies suggest differences in the fixation disparity curves obtained with the Sheedy Disparometer and the Wesson Fixation Disparity Card, the two most commonly used methods for measuring fixation disparity. In one study the investigators proposed that the differences do not exist for subgroups divided by phoria. The purpose of this(More)
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