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Curcumin, a yellow pigment in the Indian spice Turmeric (Curcuma longa), which is chemically known as diferuloylmethane, was first isolated exactly two centuries ago in 1815 by two German Scientists, Vogel and Pelletier. However, according to the pubmed database, the first study on its biological activity as an antibacterial agent was published in 1949 in(More)
Traditional knowledge (TK) based medicines have gained worldwide attention and presently the scientific community is focussing on proper pharmacological validation and identification of lead compounds for the treatment of various diseases. The North East region of India is the home of valuable traditional herbal remedies. Garcinia morella Desr. (Guttiferae)(More)
BACKGROUND Despite the significant developments made in the field of diagnosis and treatment modalities of cancer during the last two decades, it still remains one of the most life threatening diseases killing 8.2 million people annually across the globe. It has been well-established that development of chemoresistance in cancer cells is the major cause of(More)
BACKGROUND Research over the past several years has developed many mono-targeted therapies for the prevention and treatment of cancer, but it still remains one of the fatal diseases in the world killing 8.2 million people annually. It has been well-established that development of chemoresistance in cancer cells against mono-targeted chemotherapeutic agents(More)
Despite the consistent and significant advancements made in the treatment of head and neck cancer (HNSCC), it remains one of the most devastating cancers globally killing approximately 350,000 people every year. Both clinical and basic research revealed that the transcription factor NF-κB, is constitutively expressed in HNSCC and this persistent expression(More)
Akt kinase is a serine threonine kinase that exists in three isoforms, located in different chromosomes and has distinct sites of expression which orchestrates diverse cellular processes required for normal functioning of the cell. Though, these Akt isoforms have some overlapping actions, but they also have specific roles and interestingly, sometimes they(More)
BACKGROUND Despite the major advances made in the field of cancer biology, it still remains one of the most fatal diseases in the world. It is now well established that natural products are safe and efficacious and have high potential in the prevention and treatment of different diseases including cancer. Butein is one such compound which is now found to(More)
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