Javad Zarbakhsh

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For the first time, nested sub-modeling approach and Finite Element Analysis have been used to analyze the structural mechanical of 3D Printed part, whereas the details of 3D printing patterns included in sub-model. The results present a general tool which can improve the quality of 3D printed parts, which have multidisciplinary application in various(More)
Due to the large difference in the coefficients of thermal expansion of the materials used in advanced semiconductor manufacturing, the fabrication process of semiconductor chips leads to a wafer bow. In addition, the layers may pass through material phase changes, which generate an unwanted film stress, making the large accumulated wafer bow very difficult(More)
In order to characterize the material behavior of copper films deposited on silicon substrate, wafer curvature experiments were performed. The samples were exposed to repeated cycles in the range between -50°C to 400°C. The diagrams of film stress versus temperature show linear film behavior followed by plastic flow. In fact, a pronounced(More)
Recently, we have introduced a numerical method for calculating local dispersion of arbitrary shaped optical waveguides, which is based on the Finite-Difference Time-domain and filter diagonalization technique. In this paper we present a study of Received 1 May 2010, Accepted 20 September 2010, Scheduled 26 September 2010 Corresponding author: J. Zarbakhsh(More)
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