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Background: Sialic acid is a component of serum that is elevated in diseases such as diabetes and certain malignancies. The normal range of SSA concentration and serum neuraminidase activity in different populations are varied, probably due to racial differences. Objective: The purpose of the present study was to obtain the average SSA concentration and(More)
As the depth of soil petroleum contamination can vary substantially under field conditions, a rhizotron experiment was performed to investigate the influence of endophyte, P. indica, on maize growth and degradation of petroleum components in a shallow and a deep-reaching subsurface layer of a soil. For control, a treatment without soil contamination was(More)
The special and unique advantages of explosive forming, has developed its use in different industries. Considering the important influence of improving the current explosive forming techniques on increasing the efficiency and control over the explosive forming procedure, the effects of air and water as the energy-conveying medium, and also their differences(More)
The analysis of the behavior of thin walled shells has always been a challenging case of study. The focus of this research is on the experimental analysis of such shells under internal pressure loading with different strain rates. A hydrostatic loading machine has been designed and manufactured to achieve such an objective and then a complete set of(More)
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