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Complex intracellular signaling networks monitor diverse environmental inputs to evoke appropriate and coordinated effector responses. Defective signal transduction underlies many pathologies, including cancer, diabetes, autoimmunity and about 400 other human diseases. Therefore, there is high impetus to define the composition and architecture of cellular(More)
The reversible phosphorylation of proteins catalyzed by protein kinases in eukaryotes supports an important role for eukaryotic protein kinases (ePKs) in the emergence of nucleated cells in the third superkingdom of life. Choline kinases (ChKs) could also be critical in the early evolution of eukaryotes, because of their function in the biosynthesis of(More)
In this paper the Karnaugh and Quine-McCluskey methods are used for symbolic classification problem, and then these methods are compared with other famous available methods. Because the data in classification problem is very large, some changes should be applied in the original Quine-McCluskey (QMC) algorithm. We proposed a new algorithm that applies the(More)
We know that in logic a predicate is a relation between its arguments. In other words, a predicate defines constraints between its arguments. A predicate ρ(v, r, c) is called selectional restriction where v is a verb, r is a role or an object and c is called a class which is a noun. Selectional preference σ : (v, r, c) → a is a function of these predicates(More)
Examiner Date Approved: ii To my father, for his dedication to work To my mother, for her humaneness and optimism To my stepfather, for his critical thinking. iii " Le tact dans l'audace c'est de savoir jusqu'ou on peut aller trop loin " — Jean Cocteau, Le coq et l'arlequin, 1979 iv Acknowledgments I would like to express my gratitude to the following(More)
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