Javad Rezaei

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H. sapiens-M. tuberculosis H37Rv protein-protein interaction (PPI) data are very important information to illuminate the infection mechanism of M. tuberculosis H37Rv. But current H. sapiens-M. tuberculosis H37Rv PPI data are very scarce. This seriously limits the study of the interaction between this important pathogen and its host H. sapiens. Computational(More)
PURPOSE To compare ultrasound pachymetry and Orbscan II for measurement of central corneal thickness (CCT) in normal eyes. METHODS The current study was performed at Labbafinejad Medical Center (LMC), Tehran, Iran. Three hundred eyes from 150 healthy individuals referred for keratorefractive surgery were assessed first by Orbscan II and then by ultrasound(More)
The aim of this study was to determine the effect of molasses and lactic acid bacteria (LAB) on the chemical composition, silage fermentation characteristics, and in vitro ruminal fermentation parameters of an ensiled potato-wheat straw mixture in a completely randomized design with 4 replicates. Wheat straw was harvested at full maturity and potato tuber(More)
The objective of this study was to assess the effect of dietary replacement of alfalfa with urea-treated almond hulls (UAH) on DM and nutrients intakes, growth performance, diet digestibility, microbial N supply (MNS), N retention, rumen fermentation parameters, and blood metabolites in fattening male Shall lambs (29.9 ± 1.9 kg initial BW). Three diets,(More)
Prostate cancer (PCa) is the most frequently diagnosed cancer and the second most common cause of cancer related mortality in United States male population. ScFv fragments have different usefulness. For example they have small size, high perfusion rate, high yield of production and are non-immunogenic, thus they can be used for therapeutic purposes. In this(More)
Amaranth ( sp.) is a C plant adapted to poor soils and regions with limited rainfall and high temperatures. The plant is characterized by a yield of up to 85 t/ha, CP concentration of up to 28.5% of DM, and DM digestibility of 59 to 79%, which may vary depending on the species and variety. The potential of this plant as a forage source for ruminants has not(More)
Dietary natural plant secondary metabolites (PSM) extracted from a pomegranate peel (PP) byproduct have the potential to improve milk yield and the milk fatty acid profile of dairy cows. This experiment was performed to assess the influence of different dietary levels of PP extract (PPE) on feedlot performance, ruminal status, nutrient utilization, and(More)
The effects of dietary feeding different levels of recycled poultry bedding (RPB) and dried orange pulp (DOP) on the performance of fattening Shal lambs (initial BW of 28 ± 2.2 kg) were assessed using a factorial experiment (2 × 3) with a completely randomized design. Six diets, containing different levels of RPB (0 or 160 g/kg of DM) and DOP (0, 110, or(More)
This study was conducted to assess the effect of feeding corn steep liquor (CSL) on in vivo digestibility, ruminal pH, ammonia and hydrolytic enzyme activities, blood metabolites, feed intake (FI) and growth performance in fattening lambs. The CSL is a by-product of wet milling process of maize starch industry. The crude protein (CP), rumen-degradable(More)
PURPOSE To compare the total energy required for producing patent neodymium:yttrium-aluminum-garnet laser peripheral iridotomy in patients with or without keratoconus (KC). METHODS In this case-control study, 36 eyes from 36 patients with KC and 24 eyes from 24 patients with myopia with or without astigmatism (as control group) who were scheduled for(More)