Javad Nejati

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Mobile web page load time depends on three key factors: (1) the complexity of the Webpage, (2) the underlying network conditions, and (3) the processing capability of the device. While there are several works focusing on the Web complexity and the network, there is a little work in understanding the hardware bottlenecks in the page load process. In this(More)
Modeling the energy consumption of applications on mobile devices is an important topic that has received much attention in recent years. However, there has been very little research on modeling the energy consumption of the mobile Web. This is primarily due to the short-lived yet complex page load process that makes it infeasible to rely on coarse-grained(More)
A large portion of today’s Web traffic comes from mobiles devices. User experience of mobile Web pages has become an important factor that content providers and service providers want to improve. One metric for evaluating user experience is the mobile Web performance, specifically the page load time (PLT). While improving mobile Web performance has drawn(More)
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