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This paper presents an adaptive hysteresis band current controller applied to hybrid power filters to compensate harmonics and the reactive power of a nonlinear load. This method changes the hysteresis bandwidth according to modulation frequency, supply voltage, dc capacitor voltage and slope of the reference compensator current wave. The hysteresis band(More)
All of electrical machines consist of magnetic materials. Accurate modeling of magnetic materials is important for correct simulation and design of electrical machines. Almost all of magnetic materials have hysteretic behavior. Hysteresis modeling using neural networks has some advantages such as simplicity of models, reduction of calculation time and(More)
Many type of electrical machine can be used as an electromechanical battery for low earth orbit satellite. Electromechanical battery is motor generator mode coupling with flywheel which used to store kinetic energy in motor mode during sunlight and supply electrical power from the stored kinetic energy by generator mode during eclipse. Permanent magnet(More)
Total harmonic distortion (THD) minimization is a new Switching Strategy which is used in multilevel Inverters. The aim of THD Minimization strategy is eliminating THD. Generally, THD equations are nonlinear and solving them is a major problem. Evolutionary Algorithms (EA) have shown an effective ability for this aim. Recently, Continuous Genetic Algorithm(More)
Pulse width modulation controlled inverters produce Common-Mode Voltage (CMV), which is the main culprit of many system drawbacks ranging from Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) issues to bearing damage and insulation aging. Former methods for common-mode voltage reduction based on voltage control cause a great deal of extra harmonic distortion in output(More)
With the increasing application of Induction Heating (IH) systems in various industries such as metallurgy, concerns about the harmonic effects and power quality of the power grid have been involved in the problems facing network operation engineers. This paper presents two methods to improve the power quality of three phase current source induction system.(More)
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