Javad J. Jassbi

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Due to limitations of classical weighted average aggregation operators, there is an increase usage of fuzzy integrals, like the Sugeno and Choquet integrals, as alternative aggregation operators. However, their applicability has been threatened by the crux of determining the fuzzy measures in real problems. One way to determine these measures is by using(More)
Fuzzy logic controllers are applied to various industrial and non-linear systems, however, their control rules and membership functions are usually obtained by time-consuming trial and error procedure. This paper presents a hybrid method for determining the fuzzy rules and membership functions simultaneously. The optimization process consists of a genetic(More)
Optimal trajectories in energetic environment for underwater vehicles can be computed using a numerical solution of the optimal control problem (OCP). An underwater vehicle is modeled with the six dimensional nonlinear and coupled equations of motion, controlled by DC motors in all degrees of freedom. An energy performance index that should be minimized may(More)
Power network stability requires a timely failure detection and operator reaction. The protection devices and operators have responsibilities for the failure detection in a power system. In other words, alarms being received from the protection devices are displayed to the operator by SCADA to respond to the respective appropriate and timely actions to be(More)
In this paper a fuzzy model based on Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) is introduced for calculating the level of risk in managerial problems. In this model, affecting factors on the level of risk are considered as inputs and the level of risk as the output. Using the fuzzy model, the risky condition changes smoothly in a fuzzy environment as it(More)