Javad J. Jassbi

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Due to limitations of classical weighted average aggregation operators, there is an increase usage of fuzzy integrals, like the Sugeno and Choquet integrals, as alternative aggregation operators. However, their applicability has been threatened by the crux of determining the fuzzy measures in real problems. One way to determine these measures is by using(More)
Multiple Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) models make preference decisions over multiple attributes' alternatives available, which in most of the cases conflict among themselves. On the other hand, the classic MCDM model assumes that the decision maker has a pre-defined fixed set of criteria, when taking a decision, and is presented with a clear picture of(More)
Power network stability requires a timely failure detection and operator reaction. The protection devices and operators have responsibilities for the failure detection in a power system. In other words, alarms being received from the protection devices are displayed to the operator by SCADA to respond to the respective appropriate and timely actions to be(More)