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We consider the problem of joint decoding and data-fusion in data gathering sensor networks modeled by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) problem. Correlation between sensors' data is known at the fusion center and is employed to update ex-trinsic information received from soft-in soft-out (SISO) decoders. It is shown in the literature that this scheme has a(More)
and relay nodes. We define a trade-off parameter that determines how much of the relay's time should be dedicated to listening and to transmission. We show by simulations that this trade-off factor has an optimal value for which the Block-Error Rate (BLER) is minimized. We compare the error rate performance of the proposed DCF-SC scheme with that of the(More)
— We consider the transmission of a discrete memoryless Gaussian source over a discrete memoryless fading channel with additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) where the decoder has perfect channel state information (CSI). Our goal is to characterize the optimal tradeoff between the average transmission power constraint, P and the average estimation distortion,(More)