Javad Ebrahimi

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D. Gernert conjectured that the sum of two largest eigenvalues of the adjacency matrix of any simple graph is at most the number of vertices of the graph. This can be proved, in particular, for all regular graphs. Gernert's conjecture was recently disproved by one of the authors [4], who also provided a nontrivial upper bound for the sum of two largest(More)
—A new evolutionary algorithm known as the shuffled frog leaping algorithm is presented in this paper, to solve the unit commitment (UC) problem. This integer-coded algorithm has been developed to minimize the total energy dispatch cost over the scheduling horizon while all of the constraints should be satisfied. In addition, minimum up/down-time(More)
—In this paper, a new topology for cascaded multilevel converter based on submultilevel converter units and full-bridge converters is proposed. The proposed topology significantly reduces the number of dc voltage sources, switches, IGBTs, and power diodes as the number of output voltage levels increases. Also, an algorithm to determine dc voltage sources(More)
—In vector network coding, the source multi-casts information by transmitting vectors of length L, while intermediate nodes process and combine their incoming packets by multiplying them with L × L coding matrices that play a similar role as coding coefficients in scalar coding. Vector network coding generalizes scalar coding, and thus offers a wider range(More)
The unit distance graph R is the graph with vertex set R 2 in which two vertices (points in the plane) are adjacent if and only if they are at Euclidean distance 1. We prove that the circular chromatic number of R is at least 4, thus improving the known lower bound of 32/9 obtained from the fractional chromatic number of R. 1. Introduction. The unit(More)
A new procedure is presented for the determination of low concentrations of lead and cadmium in water samples. Ligand assisted pseudo-stir bar hollow fiber solid/liquid phase microextraction using sol-gel sorbent reinforced with carbon nanotubes was combined with differential pulse anodic stripping voltammetry for simultaneous determination of cadmium and(More)