Javad Behboodian

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(-\BSTRACT This paper presents a numerical method for computation of the Fisher information matrix about the five parameters ~1' ~2' p, °1 2 , 022 of two normal distributions. It is shown, by using a simple transformation which reduces the number of parameters from five to three, that the computation of the whole information matrix leads to the numerical(More)
In the present paper Shannon's entropy for concomitants of generalized order statistics in FGM family is obtained. Application of this result is given for order statistics , record values, k-record values, and progressive type II censored order statistics. Also, we show that the Kullback-Leibler distance among the concomitants of generalized order(More)
BACKGROUND In clinical trials, both unequal randomization design and sequential analyses have ethical and economic advantages. In the single-stage-design (SSD), however, if the sample size is not adjusted based on unequal randomization, the power of the trial will decrease, whereas with sequential analysis the power will always remain constant. Our aim was(More)
– The problem of hypothesis testing with a nuisance parameter is considered. Two methods for using fuzzy knowledge on the nuisance parameter to test hypotheses are suggested. These methods are neither a pure classical nor a pure Bayesian approach to hypothesis testing, but rather related to both. A few known examples and their applications, which cannot be(More)
The objective of the present article is to suitably model the hospitalization time of the mother and compare the different models. An observational and cross-sectional study was done with a randomized sample of 1600 mothers admitted for delivery at Arak maternity clinics. The hospitalization time was regarded as dependent variable; mother's age and its(More)