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Rule-based classifiers have been successfully applied in data mining applications. In this Paper, we have proposed a novel rule generator classifier called CORER (Colonial competitive Rule-based classifier) to improve the accuracy of data classification. The proposed classifier works based on CCA (Colonial Competitive Algorithm), a recently-developed(More)
Swarm intelligence algorithms have been successfully applied as optimization tools in various applications, such as biology, commerce, and engineering. This paper presents BRADO (BRAin Drain Optimization) algorithm as a new socio-inspired swarm intelligence approach, in which the search algorithm is inspired by the process of brain drain phenomenon. In(More)
Acquiring new customers in any business is much more expensive than trying to keep the existing ones. As a result, many prediction algorithms have been proposed to detect churning customers. In this paper, the ordered weighted averaging (OWA) technique is brought to the attention of marketing researchers. We have applied OWA technique to improve the(More)
Rule-based classification is one of the most important topics in the field of data mining due to its wide applications. This article presents a novel rule-based classifier called RACER (Rule Aggregating ClassifiER) to improve the accuracy of data classification. RACER uses a specific rule representation that enables it to consider each instance in the(More)
In the area of professional social networks, collaborative team formation with its NP-hard nature, has attracted the attention of many researchers. The purpose of this study is to find a collaborative team which covers required skills and minimizes the communication cost among team members. To solve this problem, BRADO (BRAin Drain Optimization), a(More)
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