Javad Abdi

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Information signal from real case and natural complex dynamical systems such as traffic flow are usually specified by irregular motions. Chaotic nonlinear dynamics approach is now the most powerful tool for scientists to deal with complexities in real cases, and neural networks and neuro-fuzzy models are widely used for their capabilities in nonlinear(More)
Recently biosensors become one of the most components in evaluating live systems and medical applications. These applications are detection of cancers, DNA, tumors, cells, bio-enzymes etc. In this paper, we investigate the instability of narrow bio nano electro mechanical system (bio-NEMS) sensor. The proposed HPM is employed to solve nonlinear constitutive(More)
Modeling emotions has attracted much attention in recent years, both in cognitive psychology and design of artificial systems. Far from being a negative factor in decision-making, emotions have shown to be a strong faculty for making fast satisfying decisions. In this paper, we have adapted a computational model based on the limbic system in the mammalian(More)
An application of wavelet neural network/wavenet in control problems of nonlinear systems is investigated in this study. A wavelet neural network is constructed as an alternative architecture to a neural network to approximate a nonlinear system. Based on approximation capability of wavelet network, a suitable adaptive control law and parameter updating(More)
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