Jaume del Olmo

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Background: Despite being one of the most exact indications, laparoscopic treatment of eventrations and ventral hernias is barely known among the array of laparoscopic techniques. Methods: A total of 60 patients were assigned at random over a 3-year period to two homogeneous groups to be operated on for major ventral hernias with mesh. Half of them were(More)
1. It is well known that a small sample of patients tends to lead to equivocal results. 2. Therefore, this type of sample can only be of use when a rigorous process of randomization is applied. Control by an external auditor has nothing to do with patient selection, randomization, or the objective design of the study. For example, in this case, the group of(More)
Two polar coding schemes are proposed for the degraded broadcast channel under different reliability and secrecy requirements. In these settings, the transmitter wishes to send multiple messages to a set of legitimate receivers keeping them masked from a set of eavesdroppers, and individual channels are assumed to gradually degrade in such a way that each(More)
The manuscript of A. Bickel and A. Eitan [1] about a new technique for laparoscopic repair of ventral hernias with mesh deserves a special comment: First, positioning a 25 × 25-cm polypropylene mesh into an intraperitoneal position so that it has full contact with the small bowel does not seem appropiate in our opinion. There is enough data in the medical(More)
The article by Malik et at. [2] about the therapeutic value of laparoscopic adhesiolysis in gynecology is indeed interesting with respect to the diagnosis and satisfactory treatment of chronic pelvic pain and other accompanying alterations. Their experience can be applied to the diagnosis and treatment of many other abdominal processes that are(More)
Gallbladder absence is an infrequent anomaly normally accompanied by lack of the cystic duct. Of unknown etiology, in general it is accepted to be a congenital malformation. A male patient (age 59) diagnosed with nonfunctional symptomatic scleroatrophic gallbladder by echography and ERCP was operated on using a laparoscopic approach. Gallbladder and cystic(More)
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