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A prospective study to verify the behavior of the arterial/alveolar oxygen tension ratio (PaO2/PAO2) at different fractions of inspired oxygen (FIO2), was performed in 15 adult hypoxemic patients. This index was useful not only for predicting the arterial oxygen tension but also for choosing the necessary oxygen supplementary levels. PaO2/PAO2 was a less(More)
Keywords: Data centers Energy efficiency Metrics Resource management policies Scheduling a b s t r a c t This paper describes the CoolEmAll project and its approach for modeling and simulating energy-efficient and thermal-aware data centers. The aim of the project was to address energy-thermal efficiency of data centers by combining the optimization of IT,(More)
Significant data centers energy footprints and the increase in energy prices have stimulated investigations into possible metrics and methods to define, quantify and improve the energy efficiency of data centers and federated cloud environments. Studies include metrics and analyses from various points of views, that address both design and operation phases.(More)
Although several alternative definitions exist, a Net-Zero Energy Building (Net ZEB) can be succinctly described as a grid-connected building that generates as much energy as it uses over a year. The " net-zero " balance is attained by applying energy conservation and efficiency measures and by incorporating renewable energy systems. While based on annual(More)
CoolEmAll project aims at improving energy-efficiency of data centers. The main results of CoolEmAll include data center Simulation, Visualization and Decision tools (SVD Toolkit) and models of Data Center Efficiency Building Blocks (DEBBs). The resulting tools of CoolEmAll will permit planners and operators of data centers to carry out flexible and fast(More)
The Computer Communications and Networks series is a range of textbooks, monographs and handbooks. It sets out to provide students, researchers, and non-specialists alike with a sure grounding in current knowledge, together with comprehensible access to the latest developments in computer communications and networking. Emphasis is placed on clear and(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate if re-grading renal cell carcinoma (CRCC) in two or three-tiered grading schemes versus the traditional Fuhrman classification maintains the same prognostic value. MATERIAL AND METHODS A study of a cohort of 383 treated CRCC with radical or partial nephrectomy between 1990-2009 was made. We analyzed the demographic data, evolution(More)