Jaume Pernas

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In the traditional two-rack distributed storage system (DSS) model, due to the assumption that the storage capacity of each node is the same, the minimum bandwidth regenerating (MBR) point becomes infeasible. In this paper, we design a new non-homogeneous two-rack model by proposing a generalization of the threshold function used to compute the tradeoff(More)
In this article we investigate Berlekamp's negacyclic codes and discover that these codes, when considered over the integers modulo 4, do not suffer any of the restrictions on the minimum distance observed in Berlekamp's original papers [2, 3]: our codes have minimim Lee distance at least 2t+1, where the generator polynomial of the code has roots α, α 3 ,.(More)
PURPOSE/OBJECTIVE Little is known about the clinical impact of using multiparametric MRI to plan early salvage radiotherapy after radical prostatectomy. We aimed to evaluate the incidence and location of recurrence based on pelvic multiparametric MRI findings and to identify clinical variables predictive of positive imaging results. MATERIALS AND METHODS(More)
• Optimality of a 2-identifying code in the hexagonal grid Ville Junnila, Tero Laihonen • The Dual Code of Points and t-Spaces in the Projective Space Maarten De Boeck • Optimal arcs in three-dimensional Hjelmslev spaces
Recently, new families of quaternary linear Reed-Muller codes have been introduced. They satisfy that, after the Gray map, the corresponding \BBZ<sub>4</sub>-linear codes have the same parameters and properties as the codes of the binary linear Reed-Muller family. A structural invariant, the dimension of the kernel, for binary codes is used to classify(More)
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