Jaume Padrell

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† Jacobian Adaptation (JA) of the acoustic models is an efficient adaptation technique for robust speech recognition. Several improvements for the JA have been proposed in the last years, either to generalize the Jacobian linear transformation for the case of large noise mismatch between training and testing or to extend the adaptation to other degrading(More)
This paper describes the FAME interlingual speech-to-speech translation system for Spanish, Catalan and English, which is intended to assist users in the reservation of a hotel room when calling or visiting abroad. The system has been developed as an extension of the existing NESPOLE! translation system[4] which translates between English, German, Italian(More)
Many speech recognition systems use logarithmic filter-bank energies or a linear transformation of them to represent the speech signal. Usually, each of those energies is routinely computed as a weighted average of the periodogram samples that lie in the corresponding frequency band. In this work, we attempt to gain an insight into the statistical(More)
The multiwindow approach is a meaningful framework for nonparametric spectral estimation. It also encompasses several conventional methods as WOSA and frequency-averaged periodogram. Recently, some authors claimed that the Slepian windows of the Thomson's method and other related optimal sets of windows show a better performance in terms of resolution,(More)
In this paper we present a real automatic meteorological information system that, not only provides friendly voice access to real-time data coming from automatic sensors , but also establishes an automatic warning service on the weather. It aims to extend the availability, personalization and friendliness of the meteorological information by means of a(More)