Jaume Gibert

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Graph-based representations are of broad use and applicability in pattern recognition. They exhibit, however, a major drawback with regards to the processing tools that are available in their domain. Graph embedding into vector spaces is a growing field among the structural pattern recognition community which aims at providing a feature vector(More)
In recent years graph embedding has emerged as a promising solution for enabling the expressive, convenient, powerful but computational expensive graph based representations to benefit from mature, less expensive and efficient state of the art machine learning models of statistical pattern recognition. In this paper we present a comparison of two implicit(More)
In this paper we tackle the problem of document image retrieval by combining a similarity measure between documents and the probability that a given document belongs to a certain class. The membership probability to a specific class is computed using Support Vector Machines in conjunction with similarity measure based kernel applied to structural document(More)
Representing a graph with a feature vector is a common way of making statistical machine learning algorithms applicable to the domain of graphs. Such a transition from graphs to vectors is known as graph embedding. A key issue in graph embedding is to select a proper set of features in order to make the vectorial representation of graphs as strong and(More)