Jaume Comellas

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—Elastic flexgrid optical networks (FG-ON) are considered a very promising solution for next-generation optical networks. In this article we focus on lightpath adaptation under variable traffic demands in FG-ON. Specifically, we explore the elastic spectrum allocation (SA) capability of FG-ON and, in this context, we study the effectiveness of three(More)
In this paper we deal with the survivable internet protocol (IP)/multi-protocol label switching (MPLS)-over-wavelength switched optical network (WSON) multi-layer network optimization problem (SIMNO). This problem entails planning an IP/MPLS network layer over a photonic mesh infrastructure whilst, at the same time, ensuring the highest availability of(More)
—The new flexgrid technology, in opposition to the fixed grid one traditionally used in wavelength switched optical networks (WSON), allows allocating the spectral bandwidth needed to convey heterogeneous client demand bitrates in a flexible manner so that the optical spectrum can be managed much more efficiently. In this paper we propose a new recovery(More)
In the ITU-T ASON architecture, the control plane is responsible for providing intelligence to the network. The GMPLS paradigm pleads for a separation between the control plane and the forwarding plane. If the control plane is deployed disjoint from the forwarding plane, recovery mechanisms to ensure its proper operation are required. In this paper, on one(More)