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Smart Homes uses different devices including sensors and actuators to provide services that assist in performing the activities of daily living. Currently these smart homes are developed in a manual and adhoc way. Manually configured smart homes create scalability, extensibility and cost problem. The need for a uniform platform for intercommunication among(More)
In this paper, we have presented a new approach of programming languages inter-conversion which can be applied to all types of programming languages. The idea is about implementation of the intermediate language for inter-conversion. This language can be used to store the logic of the program in an algorithmic format without disturbing the structure of the(More)
Editing a minimum reference set of training patterns plays an important role for consequently constructing a compact classification system so as to reduce the computation load in the operational phase. Various approaches were proposed for finding a small number of reference patterns from a large number of given patterns considering an overall criterion. In(More)
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