Jau-Hsiung Huang

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We model a job in a parallel processing system as a sequence of stages, each of which requires a certain integral number of processors for a certain interval of time. With this model we derive the speedup of the system for two cases: systems with no arrivals, and systems with arrivals. In the case with no arrivals, our speedup result is a generalization of(More)
In this paper, a distributed selectsort algorithm and a parameterized selectsort algorithm are presented to be applied on distributed systems for cases when N >> P where N is the number of elements to be sorted and P is the number of processors in the system. The distributed system considered in this paper uses a broadcasting channel for communication(More)
A novel software-based video compression algorithm, the Popular Video Coder (PVC), is presented in this paper, and a video phone system, the Popular Phone, is also implemented based on the PVC. The PVC simplifies the traditional video coder by removing the transform and the motion estimation parts and modifies the quantizer and entropy coder. Two novel(More)