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This paper proposes a simple yet effective novel classifier fusion strategy for multi-class texture classification. The resulting classification framework is named as Classification Confidence-based Multiple Classifier Approach (CCMCA). The proposed training based scheme fuses the decisions of two base classifiers (those constitute the classifier ensemble)(More)
Multiple Classifier System has found its applications in many areas such as handwriting recognition, speaker recognition, medical diagnosis, fingerprint recognition, personal identification and others. However, there have been rare attempts to develop content-based image retrieval (CBIR) system that uses multiple classifiers to learn visual similarity.(More)
Breast cancer is reported as the second most deadly cancer in the world on which public awareness has been increasing during the last few decades. Early detection can play an effective role in prevention and the most reliable detection technology is mammography. At the early stages of breast cancer, the clinical signs are very mild and vary in appearance,(More)
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