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This paper describes a robust technique to determine happy/sad/neutral facial gestures of humans by processing an image containing human face. It aims to do away with the cumbersome process of training the computer with images and thereby significantly reducing the processing time. In this technique human face is identified using skin color identification(More)
AIMS To compare amount of root canal debris and irrigant extruded apically after irrigants agitation using closed and open chambers. METHODS AND MATERIAL Sixty maxillary central incisors were selected, decoronated, and mounted in preweighed glass vials filled with distilled water. Biomechanical preparation was completed using ProTaper rotary files until(More)
The routing is most quintessential issue in MANET networks. In MANETs the nodes are free to move, it has no fix structure and topology. In MANETs the routing policy is answerable for the performance of the network. In this paper, we deliberate the performance of latest routing protocol i.e. IFGRP in contrast with Tuned OLSR comparing the parameters load,(More)
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