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Awareness, knowledge, and risks of zoonotic diseases among livestock farmers in Punjab
Aim: The present study was conducted to assess the awareness, knowledge, and risks of zoonotic diseases among livestock farmers in Punjab. Materials and Methods: 250 livestock farmers were selectedExpand
Vermicompost as an effective organic fertilizer and biocontrol agent: effect on growth, yield and quality of plants
In the present review, vermicompost is described as an excellent soil amendment and a biocontrol agent which make it the best organic fertilizer and more eco-friendly as compared to chemicalExpand
Analysis of soil characteristics of different land uses and metal bioaccumulation in wheat grown around rivers: possible human health risk assessment
The present study was conducted to determine the physico-chemical properties and heavy metal contents in soils under three land uses (agricultural, riverbank and roadside) from areas situated aroundExpand
Extraction of earthworm from soil by different sampling methods: a review
Earthworms are so closely incorporated into the soil structure that they are not calculated easily from the soil. Due to this property, their extraction from soil is tedious and time-consuming.Expand
MANET: Issues and Behavior Analysis of Routing Protocols
Mobile Ad hoc networks(MANET) are characterized by multihop wireless connectivity, infrastructure less environment and frequently changing topology. The nodes acts as router and communicate to eachExpand
Lack of age effects on human brain potentials preceding voluntary movements
We examined age effects on Movement related potentials (MRPs) in 13 young (mean age = 29.3 years) and 13 old (mean age = 67.2 years) normal adults in right, left and bimanual self-paced button pressExpand
Single‐sequence‐based prediction of protein secondary structures and solvent accessibility by deep whole‐sequence learning
We show a single‐sequence‐based prediction method employing LSTM‐BRNNs (SPIDER3‐Single), that consistently achieves Q3 accuracy of 72.5%, and correlation coefficient of 0.67 between predicted and actual solvent accessible surface area. Expand
Vermicompost as soil supplement to enhance growth, yield and quality of Triticum aestivum L.: a field study
BackgroundVermicompost (VC) made from cattle dung as raw material was used as soil supplement in the plots of size 4.5 x 4.5 m. Five treatments were given viz. Soil (control), VC@5 t/ha, VC@10 t/ha,Expand
Evaluating Overheads of Integrated Multilevel Checkpointing Algorithms in Cloud Computing Environment
The primary objective of this research work is to improve the checkpoint efficiency and prevent checkpointing from becoming the bottleneck of cloud data centers. Expand
Physico-chemical Properties and Heavy Metal Contents of Soils and Kharif Crops of Punjab, India☆
Abstract Punjab is one of the most fertile regions of India and agriculture is the main occupation of people here. Intensive agriculture is done with the help of agrochemicals throughout the year inExpand