Jaswant Singh

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BACKGROUND Fracture-dislocation of the talus is one of the most severe injuries of the ankle. Opinion varies widely as to the proper treatment of this injury. Since Blair's original description of the tibiotalar fusion in 1943, there is little mention in the literature of his method. The present study reports the results of tibiotalar arthrodesis with(More)
Introduction Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) of the tongue is the most frequent intra oral head and neck cancer. European statistics indicate an incidence of around 10–20 per 100 000 of the population. In Western Europe a decrease has been seen in males, contrary to the increase in female subjects that has been evident over the last decade. Many other world(More)
BACKGROUND The objective of this study was to investigate the viability of level set image segmentation methods for the detection of corpora lutea (corpus luteum, CL) boundaries in ultrasonographic ovarian images. It was hypothesized that bovine CL boundaries could be located within 1-2 mm by a level set image segmentation methodology. METHODS Level set(More)
BACKGROUND Camelids are induced (reflex) ovulators. We have recently documented the presence of an ovulation-inducing factor (OIF) in the seminal plasma of alpacas and llamas. The objective was to test the hypothesis that OIF exerts its effect via a systemic rather than a local route and that endometrial curettage will enhance the ovulatory response to(More)
BACKGROUND Until recently, the limit of spatial resolution of ultrasound systems has prevented characterization of structures <1 mm. Hence, the study of ovarian follicular development in rodents has been based on one-time histological examination of excised tissues; i.e., longitudinal study of day-to-day ovarian changes has not been possible in mice and(More)
Studies of ovarian development in female mammals have shown a relationship between the day in the estrous cycle and the size of the main structures and physiological status of the ovary. This paper presents an algorithm for the automatic classification of bovine ovaries into temporal categories using information extracted from ultrasound images. The(More)
Effects of the non-steroidal aromatase inhibitor letrozole on ovarian function in cattle were determined. The hypothesis that letrozole would arrest growth of the dominant follicle, resulting in emergence of a new follicular wave at a predictable post-treatment interval, was tested. Heifers were assigned randomly to four groups 4 days after follicular(More)
AC servo systems are extensively used in robotic actuators and are competing with DC servo motors for motion control because of their favorable electrical and mechanical properties. This paper presents an approach towards the control system tuning for the speed control of an AC servo motor. An approach towards speed control of servo motor in presence of(More)
BACKGROUND The present studies evaluated the effects of cryoprotectants, the vitrification procedure and time in the warming solution containing sucrose on cleavage and embryo development of immature (GV stage) bovine cumulus-oocyte complexes (COCs). METHODS Two experiments were conducted. In Experiment 1, COCs (n = 420) were randomly assigned to four(More)
Introduction Oral health is an important aspect of overall health, for all children, and, is particularly more important for children with special health needs. The oral health of children who are visually impaired tends to be compromised as they are at a disadvantage and are often unable to adequately apply the techniques necessary to control plaque.