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Endurance training induces a partial fast-to-slow muscle phenotype transformation and mitochondrial biogenesis but no growth. In contrast, resistance training mainly stimulates muscle protein synthesis resulting in hypertrophy. The aim of this study was to identify signaling events that may mediate the specific adaptations to these types of exercise.(More)
The effects of graded doses of a chemically standardized aqueous alcoholic (1:1) root extract (AGB) of Withania somnifera on the immune system of SRBC immunized BALB/c mice were investigated. Mice were administrated AGB orally for 15 days. AGB stimulated cell mediated immunity, IgM and IgG titers reaching peak value with 30 mg/kg b.wt. Flow cytometric(More)
Characteristics predictive of a 2-wave versus 3-wave pattern of ovarian follicular development during the interovulatory interval (IOI) were examined by ultrasonographic monitoring of 91 IOIs from 31 beef heifers. Repeatability of the wave pattern within individuals and the effects of season and age were determined using a subset of 75 IOIs from 15 heifers(More)
An investigation was made of the effect of Momordica charantia fruit juice on the distribution and number of alpha, beta and delta cells in the pancreas of streptozotocin (STZ)-induced diabetic rats using immunohistochemical methods. The results indicated that there was a significant (Student's t-test, P < 0.004) increase in the number of beta cells in M.(More)
The objective of this study was to develop a murine retinal/choroidal/scleral explant culture system to facilitate the intravitreous delivery of vectors. Posterior segment explants from adult mice of 2 different age groups (4 wk and 15 wk) were cultured in serum-free medium for variable time periods. Tissue viability was assessed by gross morphology, cell(More)
We have investigated the potential of piperine for inhibiting the activity of cytochrome P4502B1 and protecting against aflatoxin B1 (AFB1) in V79MZr2B1 (r2B1) cells, i.e. V79 Chinese hamster cells engineered for the expression of rat CYP4502B1. The cells were found to contain high activities of 7-methoxycoumarin demethylase (MOCD). Piperine inhibited MOCD(More)
Application of either acetylcholine (ACh, 10(-5) M) or cholecystokinin-octapeptide (CCK-8, 10(-8) M) to the isolated rat pancreas elicited large increases in amylase secretion, radiolabelled 45Ca2+ influx and cytosolic free calcium [Ca2+]i levels in zero and normal (1.1 mM) extracellular magnesium [Mg2+]o. Elevated [Mg2+]o significantly (p < 0.001) reduced(More)
Piperine, a major active component of black and long peppers, has been reported to enhance drug bioavailability. The present studies were aimed at understanding the interaction of piperine with enzymatic drug biotransforming reactions in hepatic tissue in vitro and in vivo. Piperine inhibited arylhydrocarbon hydroxylation, ethylmorphine-N-demethylation,(More)
The effects of piperine, a major ingredient of black pepper, on UDP-glucose dehydrogenase (UDP-GDH) and glucuronidation potentials of rat and guinea pig liver and intestine were studied. Piperine caused a concentration-related strong inhibition of UDP-GDH (50% at 10 microM) reversibly and equipotently, in both tissues. Partially purified rat liver UDP-GDH(More)