Jaswant Singh Sachdeva

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Epidemiological study of priority psychiatric disorders in a rural area of Faridkot it described. Prevalence is found to be 22.12 per thousand and this is comparable to figures reported by other studies. The prevalence is highest in age group of 35-44, males are more affected than females, and prevalence it more in widows and divorced. Psychiatric morbidity(More)
In all clinical and research work, it is important not only to have uniform diagnostic criteria but also some means of objectively quantifying the presence and severity of the illness being studied. For this purpose, a number of rating scales have been devised for depressive disorders, probably the single most commonly used one being the Hamilton Rating(More)
One hundred patients admitted in medical wards of G. G. S. Medical College, Faridkot, were examined for presence of Psychiatric illness. 31 cases were found to be suffering from some sort of psychiatric illness. Out of 31, 16 patients were found to be suffering from primary affective disorders and physical symptoms in them appeared to be direct consequences(More)
At present probably the most popular and effective method to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms in narcotic addicts is the substitution of the stronger narcotics by methadone which because of its milder addictiveness can be more easily and rapidly withdrawn (Weiland and Chambers , 1970). However, methadone itself is an addictive drug, its abuse liability(More)
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