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Cognitive Radio (CR) emerging approach which solves issues like spectrum scarcity and underutilization is resolved putting into effect the innovative ideas. FCC has announced a very interesting report in 2002, pointing out that more than 70% of the Radio Spectrums are underutilized at certain times or geographic positions, which proves that spectrum(More)
The transmission of the Voice over Internet protocol requires high quality of speech to update this service. VoIP signal quality can be degraded by network layer problems which includes delay, packet loss and jitter. But the frame loss while transmitting voice over internet services may generate audible distortion in the perceived speech quality. The(More)
Scrambler is a device that performs one-to-one mapping between input data bits and channel codes. It is used in synchronous data communication systems to retrieve timing information from the received data i.e. to aid synchronization between two modems. Present paper deals with the computer-aided simulation and spectral analysis of the scrambler to be used(More)
The transmission of Voice over Internet protocol requires signal processing for reliable & efficient performance over the computer and the communication platform. Speech quality, as perceived by the users of VoIP telephony, is critically important to the update of the service. Signal quality is degraded by network layer problems including delay, jitter(More)
Cognitive Radio (CR) is a comparatively new technology in which problems like underutilization of spectrum and spectrum scarcity is solved based on the revolutionary ideas. Cognitive Radio allows group of users to identify and access to available spectrum resources for their optimum use. Recent studies show that most of the assigned spectrum is(More)
The speech of the VoIP system is degraded by network layer problems which include delay, packet loss and jitter. The implementation of signal through digital signal processor can improve the quality of degraded VoIP signal. The work in this paper deals with the implementation of digital filtering algorithm on degraded VoIP speech signal. The results of(More)
The presence of background noise degrades the quality of speech signal. The speech quality of the VoIP system can be improved by reducing the background noise, codec distortion and various network impairments such as packet loss, delay and jitter. The work in this paper proposes the Interpolated Finite Impulse Response filter (IFIR) based scheme for(More)