Jasvinder Singh

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We consider texture modeling techniques which are exemplar-based, i.e. techniques which use several example texture images to learn pixel arrangements. The motivation for these techniques is that the structure of a texture can be characterized by the spatial distribution of pixels in a neighborhood of the image or the multiresolution pyramid. To get another(More)
This study explored the antioxidant and immunomodulatory potential of ethnomedicinally valuable species, namely, Arisaema jacquemontii of north-western Himalayan region. The tubers, leaves, and fruits of this plant were subjected to extraction using different solvents. In vitro antioxidant studies were performed in terms of chelation power on ferrous ions(More)
— For a single user Gaussian channel, the minimum power required to meet a specified BER at the receiver is well– known. For multiple transmitters sending independent data to a single receiver (which uses separate linear filters for decoding each transmitter's symbols), the problem of optimizing transmitter codewords to maximize capacity has been addressed(More)
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